Which Climbs Easiest Lyrics - James Arthur

This is Which Climbs Easiest song lyrics that are very popular performed by James Arthur.

Which Climbs Easiest
Which Climbs Easiest

Source and Song Information: Which Climbs Easiest

Artist: James Arthur
Album: All The World's A Stage
Released Year : 2014
Song Title : Which Climbs Easiest

Which Climbs Easiest Lyrics

Dream a little dream
Dream a little dream for me, for me

She told me put the bag down, Jamie put the bag down
I know it seems like everything is really bad now
I know it's true we're living in this one-track town
Just like to shoot, take a hit and pass it back round
In the background, dealer banging on the door
My head's banging, must be pranging up the score
See I don't worry, I was built for lasting war
You ask me when the war is over, you can't hack it anymore
I said a fight is never over, we would have to reach the top
She said you can do it, swap the rock for what I said
You must be joking, you mean rocking that generic pop?
She said you're special, I just coughed and rubbed her merits off

Dream a little dream
Dream a little dream for me, for me

Yeah, yeah
Look at my face, I don't fit the criteria
Look at my crowds, look at all of my experience
Listen they would never take my songs serious
Think of all the pounds, tell me which climb's easiest

I'm hella nervous, producer's say Who's next?
Tell me what kind of dumb shit I'll do next?
My knees tremble, I panic, I'm too stressed
I try and remember if there's any booze left
Inside the bag in the club, mumble who's next?
Sends an echo through the stadium, echoing who's next?
I'm next on my way to this huge jest
I sing a song and Nicole told me "You's blessed"
I was screaming, screaming fuck the world inside my head
It taught me I was a waster, I had no common sense
Now there's cameras and suddenly all the times dead
I'll return your merits and pour you a glass of fine red

Dream a little dream
Dream a little dream for me, for me

Dream a little dream
Dream a little dream for me, for me
For me

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