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Just Like Them Lyrics : Justin Bieber

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Source and Song Information: Just Like Them

  • Song Title : Just Like Them
  • Artist : Justin Bieber
  • Album : Believe
  • Released Year : 2012
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Just Like Them Lyrics

I know it's hard but
Let's go

There's something different in your eyes baby
You can't seem to look into mine lately
Tell me what is on your mind baby
Or I'm gonna assume that something's wrong

I thought that you were different from the moment that we kissed
'cause all those other women couldn't care less if I lived
And I'm not barely trippin I just can't do this again
Please don't tell me you're just like them
Please don't tell me you're just like them
You're just like them

I know that it's hard to trust of
But you need the trust that my love
Will never leave you in the dust


Baby you ain't get this love on track
Will you run away gotta wait on after love back
You know that I love you girl so tell me what you're waiting for
You gotta know know know know
Know know know know know know
Know know know know know know


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