Blog smulelyricsworld.blogspot.com is a blog that discusses the lyrics of songs that are going viral, or new or legendary songs that have not been exposed for a long time and also discusses various things about the world of music that is going viral until now.

As a child of the nation we greatly appreciate musical works from all over the world as an art that must be cultivated and published to everyone, so that many people will know their works.

Departing from that also this blog we created to support music artists from around the world to publish their works, especially legendary music works that ever existed and as a medium of publication of music works of artists who will or just release a new piece of music.

In addition, this blog is also a blog that discusses song lyrics and guitar keys with the intention that music lovers around the world can know the lyrics of songs or guitar keys that are suitable for them to learn.

To that end we invite the entire world community to help support this blog to continue to grow and grow so that the best music works ever are not lost in the age that continues to give birth to new musicians in the world of music.

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